Wellness Exams

Wellness Exams

Our wellness care program is designed to prevent illness and add quality to your pet's life. Our wellness care includes:

 • Comprehensive physical exam
 • Internal parasite testing and/or strategic deworming
 • Heartworm and flea control
 • Vaccination program
 • Spay and neuter
 • Blood tests specific to your pet's age
 • Dietary evaluation and recommendations


Preventive Care

Just like us, our pets can benefit from a routine wellness examination. But unlike us, our pets age as much as seven times faster than we do. And our pets can't tell us when they feel small differences in their wellbeing. We often don't notice changes that could be easily detected with a simple examination and routine blood work.

Prevention is critical in preventing certain illnesses and diseases and can spare our pets unnecessary pain and suffering. And as our pets age, often reaching their senior years by age eight depending on their size and breed, they are also subject to some of the same pains of aging that we humans experience such as arthritis and dental problems.

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