Rabbits and
Small Mammals

Explore the world of rabbits and small animals. We offer expert, compassionate service to your little furry friend.

Rabbits And Small Mammals

Welcome to Admiral Veterinary Hospital – Where Small Pets Reign Supreme

We at Admiral Veterinary Hospital know the close relationship you share with your small furry family members. We are committed to the welfare of your beloved rabbits and small animals. Our clinic, located in the center of Farragut, Tennessee, is committed to giving your exceptional little pets the best treatment possible to ensure their health, happiness, and comfort.

Rabbits and Small Mammals

Rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, and other small mammals have become popular pets as increasing numbers of pet owners understand the unique bond that can form with one of these extraordinary creatures. But did you know that small mammals need some of the same routine wellness care that dogs and cats need? Do you know if your pet should be spayed or neutered? Do you know if any vaccinations are recommended to help maintain good health? Do you have questions about proper nutrition, cage cleaning, grooming, or any other aspects of care and husbandry? Our team of skilled professionals is well-trained in the care and agriculture of small mammals and can give you the information you need to keep your “pocket pet” looking and feeling great.

Why not call to schedule a wellness visit? We can perform a physical examination, answer any questions you may have about your pet, and discuss whether any changes in diet or at-home care are recommended to help ensure the health and longevity of your pet.

Veterinary medicine for exotic pets is growing as the popularity of these animals increases. When pet owners have access to the best nutritional and environmental management information, exotic pets have a greater chance to live longer, healthier lives. If you own one of these unique pets, we encourage you to schedule a complete physical exam and consultation on proper care and feeding. Our trained team can assist you with all of your small mammal needs.

At Admiral Veterinary Hospital, our passion for rabbits and small mammals knows no bounds. We are more than a veterinary clinic; we are a place of compassion, expertise, and unwavering dedication to your small pets’ well-being. Join our family, and together, we’ll ensure your tiny friends live a life filled with joy, health, and boundless love.

Look no further if you’re searching for the best care for your rabbits and small mammals in Farragut, TN. Contact us today, and let Admiral Veterinary Hospital be your trusted partner in your pet’s journey to a happier and healthier life.